I love diners! From homemade soup to bacon and eggs, burgers and fries to spaghetti and meatballs, whatever kind of mood your stomach's in, diners are notorious for their variety of menu items and reasonable prices. After some extensive 'diner research,' here are my recommendations. Yes, I've enjoyed a meal at all 5 restaurants. 


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    Elmer's is located at 22 Padanaram Road in Danbury and is opened 24 hours a day! This is Mindy's and my 'go-to' diner because it's close, has great food, and there's always homemade cookies for the taking at the cash register. Rating - 4/5

    Elmer's Diner - Google Street View
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    The Blue Colony is one of those legendary diners that's been in business for the last 43 years. They're located right off of Exit 10 of I-84 in Newtown and they're opened 24/7. The portions are large and delicious, the waitstaff is always smiling and friendly but not obnoxiously so, and their pastries and cookies for sale at the cash register are the size of Delaware. It's probably not a good idea to stop in for breakfast or lunch if you're working on 'portion control.' Rating -5/5

    Blue Colony Diner in Newtown - Google Street View
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    Three Brothers is located at 79 Danbury Rd. in New Milford and they offer much of the same menu items as the others. Three Brothers is a bit smaller, which makes it more intimate and less cavernous. Their hours are also a bit more limited than the Blue Colony and Elmers. Rating - 3/5

    Three Brothers Family Restaurant(New Milford)
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    The New Colony is located at 14 Stony Hill Rd in Bethel and is a smaller version of the Blue Colony in Newtown with the same friendly waitstaff and ginormous portions. All the baking is done on the premises and they're open 24 hours. Rating - 3.5/5

    New Colony V Diner(Bethel) - Google Street View
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    Dimitri's is located at 16 Prospect St. in Ridgefield and has been serving Ridgefielders for close to 20 years. What differs from the other diners is that Dimitri's has more of a slight Ridgefield upscale feel to it. Keeping in mind these are only my opinions. I was slightly surprised to find that their menu items are priced comparable to the Danbury/Bethel/New Milford establishments, and they're perfect for a quick bite before a Ridgefield Playhouse show. Rating - 4/5

    Dimitris Family Restaurant(Ridgefield) - Google Street View