From our search for the best Poutine, the Canadian delicacy made of French fries, Gravy and cheese curd, to Maple snow taffy and more, the kids LOVED our trip to  Ottawa, for Canada's Winterlude over the weekend. The food and fun is world class. The Festival continues through February 20th. To make the trip even more rewarding, the Canadian exchange rate gives you a generous discount on all your purchases. Click here to view my other travel bogs about Ottawa.

The kids will never forget dogsledding at Jacques Cartier park.

Photo Credit: Suzy Garcia-Dogsledding at Winterlude

Skating the Worlds "Largest Ice Skating Rink" according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and the Best as described by Reader's Digest.

Photo Credit: Suzy Garcia --The World's Largest Ice Rink

The ice chutes, which I thought I would break my butt, but I remembered it's already broken! Another challenge was the zip line--but I passed on that.

Photo Credit: Suzy Garcia--Ice chutes at Winterlude

And by the way, you can get anything Maple you ever dreamed of in Canada.

Photo Credit: Suzy Garcia--Maple Flavored Everything at the Winterlude

Check out the incredible snow sculptures.

Photo Credit: Suzy Garcia-Winterlude