The question that plagues me though, is can they find what I just lost?

Don't you feel like sometimes you could really use the technology and tools that NASA has when you lose something into a black hole? I recently misplaced some very important paper work. I was certain that I knew where I had put it for safe keeping. You can only guess how that went. Tearing my house apart while tearing my hair out, and screaming some very VERY bad words. Clearly, I need that massive Hubble Telescope, and NASA minds to keep me on track. That said, there really is impressive news out of the NASA camp.

NASA scientists say they've found the biggest black hole they've ever seen, and it actually is in a galaxy far far away. About 300 million light years away to be exact, and this black hole could swallow up way more than lost paper work. The super-massive black hole is 21 billion times the mass of the sun. The HubbleESA captured this:

The newly discovered black hole is no longer active, and its days of swallowing stars are in the past. However, NASA still hasn't commented on the loss of my paper work.