We enjoy many beautiful bodies of water around Connecticut, but, sadly, we've read too many stories about boating tragedies.

The list of spots to enjoy the water in and around Connecticut is long. Actually, according to CT.gov, we have over 100 places to launch your boat.

We are no strangers to the often tragic outcome of boating. Even I personally know a family that lost a child to a boating accident. So, as the weather is starting to change, and you hit the waterways, please do it with caution in mind.

National Safe Boating Week is on now through May 27, and the Safe Boating Council has many tips for all around safety while on the water. Even NOAA and the National Weather Service have teamed up to keep you aware of your surroundings while boating.

Connecticut officials are reminding boaters that all people on board a vessel must wear a life jacket. Officials also urge all boat operators to make sure that whatever their vessel is that it's safe, and that they remain sober the entire time in the water.