Foxwoods Resort Casino just opened a cool new ‘Thrill Tower’ and it’s seriously  thrilling. Warning: it's not for the faint hearted. The ‘Thrill Tower’ features two rides. One is the ‘Sky Drop’, and the other is the ‘Sky Launch’. The first one takes four riders to the top of the tower and drops them right into an intense 120 foot free fall. The second looks like a sling shot (to me), and flings 2 riders up super fast to the top of the tower, only to plunge back down again at a super fast rate of speed for a soaring rush.

Credit: Foxwoods Resort Casino--This Is The Sky Drop Ride
Credit: Foxwoods Resort Casino--Yes There Are Two People Way Up There On The Sky Launch

In the middle of the summer, Foxwoods unveiled their HighFlyer Zipline which sends riders across the top of the hotels (33 stories high) to the Pequot Museum, at up to 60 miles per hour.

We hear sometime in Spring of 2018, the casino will open a full go-kart race track, so we’ll keep checking back with them for info on that.

Credit: Foxwoods Resort Casino