Downtown Danbury just keeps getting better and tastier!

From comes some awesome news about Mothership Bakery & Cafe expanding their deliciousness to downtown Danbury at 331 Main Street. Anna Llanos and Andrea White started up their business in a 2012 silver Airstream trailer. They moved to a new location at 44 Ridgebury Road where their business took off. Recently, Connecticut Magazine named Mothership Bakery as one of  their Best 9 Dessert Pies in Connecticut  winners for their pecan bourbon sweet potato pie.

Lou and I speak with Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton every Thursday at 8:45am and this man is pumped up about the revitalization of downtown Danbury. Recently he tweeted, "Can't Wait," when he got the word that the Mothership was a done deal. After talking with P.J Prunty, the director of CityCenter, and Nolan Enterprises Real Estate, Llanos and White were convinced that Mothership Bakery would be a perfect fit for downtown Danbury.

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Back when Mindy and I first moved to Connecticut back in 1979, we lived up in Candlewood Hills in New Fairfield and ran a small grocery store for 2 years in '80 and '81 called Mindy's Market. I have fond memories of driving into downtown Danbury every Sunday morning to pick up a bunch of scrumptious baked goods at The New York Bake Shop. I still have vivid memories of walking into the bakery early on those Sunday mornings to pick out fresh homemade danish, bagels, muffins, croissants, scones, doughnuts, and pastries. And the smells, my God the smell of fresh sweetness! Yes, we sold out every single week. So I'm with Mayor Mark when I say, "Can't Wait for The Mothership!