New Fairfield parents have ramped up their protests against New Fairfield Schools Superintendent, Alicia Roy by calling for her resignation. 

From an article in the NewsTimes, the latest Board of Education meeting this past Thursday evening at Meeting House Hill School's cafeteria was packed with a combination of parents, teachers, and community members. Even red signs have started to appear saying, "Students at risk, new superintendent needed!" Click here for an earlier blog about this story which I posted on Tuesday, May 3.

Why all the uproar? Generally, the parents and teachers who are protesting, feel the Superintendent and the board are not listening to their concerns which makes them feel disrespected. They have also brought up the issue of low test scores and a trying school environment.

New Fairfield High School Playing Field - YouTube Screen Shot

One of the protesters, Patty Gasparino, who read my blog, sent me a private e-mail detailing the issues they have concerning the superintendent and the board of education. Their concerns are many and go into great detail. Roy's response has been that she's always had an open door policy that the public is not using. She told the Newstimes that "Next year's goal will be to build trust and improve communication," but the parents and teacher's concerns go much deeper.

New Fairfield's Meeting House Hill School - Google Street View

The Board of Education agrees that there are changes that need to be made which should be made appropriately and thoughtfully.