Loud music, partying, stuffing 10 people in a rental meant for 4 are some of the concerns of New Fairfield residents.

Some residents in New Fairfield that are within close proximity of various Airbnb rental homes got together in the community room at the New Fairfield Public Library. The meeting was set up by the Zoning Commission to help regulate short-term Airbnb rentals. According to a NewsTimes article, one resident had this to say:

Every weekend we have new neighbors and almost every weekend for them it's like the Fourth of July, with fireworks and parties.

Other neighbors of Airbnb rentals complain about loud music, trash left on the property, and various people peeing outside. Here's the question: Is it up to property owners to manage themselves? One resident, who's an Airbnb renter told the group that neighbors need to communicate with one another. He went on to say:

If a neighbor never tells me the issue, I can't manage the situation.

The majority of residents who rent their homes on Airbnb never have an issue. Many renters spoke about how the online service has helped them keep and improve their homes. Are you ready to give Airbnb a chance to make you some extra cash by handing over your home to strangers? What could possibly go wrong? Click this Airbnb link for all the info you'll need.

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