According to the and, New Fairfield teachers have followed through with their threat of casting a vote of no confidence against the New Fairfield Schools Superintendent, Dr. Alicia Roy. According to, a vote of no confidence is defined as, "A formal vote by which people indicate that they do not support a leader." in this case, Superintendent, Alicia Roy.

Approximately two months ago, a large group of New Fairfield parents began circulating a petition from, calling for a no confidence vote against Dr. Roy, stating that there's been a large drop in performance in New Fairfield schools, that teacher morale has never been lower, that student test scores are awful, while claiming Dr. Roy has placed a priority on a cosmetic appearance of the schools instead of student performance. To see the exact wording of the petition, go to

Credit: Ethan Carey

Teacher's union members had met in two private sessions before they made their decision to formally cast a vote of no confidence against her. The breaking point for the teachers seemed to come when they were never consulted when Roy recommended a new administrative structure that would combine the high school with the middle school.

The next Board of Education meeting is being held on Thursday, May 19, and according to the President of the New Fairfield Teacher's Association, Keith Conway, they will be assessing the performance of Dr. Roy. He told the NewsTimes that the association needs to take action now, not next year.