Two brand new firetrucks have just arrived in Danbury and feature some of the latest firefighting technology. The new engines are part of the department’s ongoing commitment to keep updating its fleet. They are also the first new trucks to join the fleet since the last new trucks were purchased six years ago.

Danbury Fire Chief T.J. Wiedl was very excited when I spoke to him about the new vehicles:

Their excellent and a great addition to our department. This has been a long time in the planning stage, and I'm very happy and excited that we are able to add these new apparatus to enhance our fire fighting abilities.

Chief Wiedl said that one of the trucks will stay at the Fire Departments headquarters on New Street and the other will be assigned to the Osborne Street Fire Station.

Danbury Fire Department Image

The new trucks, which come at a cost of approximately $600,000 each, are a far cry from an impulse buy, but T.J. was very happy that the department was able to purchase the vehicles. He went on to say:

It's been a plan in the capitol budget for some time now. We put together a committee to research our needs and get the right trucks to enhance our capabilities. These are state of the art apparatus that include drop down chains for bad weather, headsets for all riding positions, LED lighting, reflective stripes, and 750 gallon water tanks as opposed to the 500 gallon tanks that currently in our trucks.

The new trucks also sport a different look with colored bumpers and a sleek, modern design.

Recently, the department refurbished one of its two ladder trucks, which included a complete re-build of the vehicle.

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