Not long ago, I wrote about some new restaurants that have opened in downtown Bethel. Now, in addition to those restaurants, we have some added sweetness to the area.

A new ice cream shop has opened in PT Barnum Square. It’s called Cream & Sugar Café, and my family and I visited for the first time this weekend. What we found out, though, is that it is not just an ice cream shop.

They have lots of other offerings and most are from local businesses:

  • They serve coffee from Redding Roasters
  • They have a cute candy section with candy from i want candys, which is owned by local vendor Pamela Rustici
  • They use dairy products from The Farmer’s Cow, located in Lebanon, CT
  • They serve ice cream from Jane’s Ice Cream, located in Kingston, NY
  • Slices of specialty cakes, by local Chef Dany, are also offered

We were there twice this weekend, and I was able to talk with owner Alyce quite a bit. I found out that the business has donated to a bunch of local events since they have opened. She’s very much about community and wants a business where kids can go, hang out, and do their homework.

In fact, while we were there yesterday three kids, who she said are some of her regulars, came in to get some ice cream and she gave they each a bag of Doritos. Not only that, but the shop was giving free ice cream to moms yesterday for Mother’s Day. So nice! That’s why I love independently owned businesses, because they can do things like that.

One of our favorite sections in the shop was the candy sections. The decorations are absolutely adorable and there are a lot of delicious treats. I actually picked up a fun decoration for my mic stand in the studio from this section. They have some fun Super Mario Bros. candy containers, so I now have a question mark block decorating my mic stand.

Photo Credit: Liz Kaye

This weekend I tried a couple of the ice cream flavors they offer. One was called Fly Fishin’ Fudge and the other was I Scream for Cake, both were delicious. They offer free toppings, so I got rainbow sprinkles on top, because I’m a kid at heart. The kids got their Cookie Monster ice cream and they were very happy with their choice. What’s better than blue ice cream with chocolate chip cookie chunks in it?

Photo Credit: Liz Kaye

It was very nice chatting with Alyce and I can see us visiting this new local business again. If anything, the kids will definitely want more of that Cookie Monster ice cream and I might have to pick up one of the Super Mario Bros. mushroom candy containers, because, once again, I’m a kid at heart.

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