A local probate judge now faces judgement himself, but has the opportunity to have the charges dismissed.

According to The Greater New Milford Spectrum, Housatonic Probate District Judge Martin Landgrebe could have disorderly conduct and strangulation charges against him dismissed if he completes a diversionary program.  is a nine week rehabilitation program designed to educate individuals on the cause and effects of domestic violence, and also to teach coping skills.

According to the New Milford Police, Landgrebe was charged following an investigation into an incident Landgrebe had with an unidentified adult female in August. Reports say that he was with a female at a local establishment, but things spun out of control when they arrived at the female's residence, and a physical altercation ensued.

Landgrebe maintains that he was defending himself during the incident, and the unidentified female did not want him to be prosecuted, but according to police, he was charged with third degree strangulation and disorderly conduct.

I hope that this all works out for Judge Landgrebe and the woman involved. Physical altercations typically never result in a happy ending.