It's not that often that you see a 6-year-old who really gets into hardcore metal, but one New Milford kid not only loves it, he delivers a perfect lip-sync version of one of Hatebreed's most popular anthems. His sister, however, is not impressed.

Sure, Colin Duncan seems like he may be a little young to be getting into the hardcore scene, but according to his mom Vicki, her husband and Colin's dad, Ian, use to listen to hardcore music growing up, and the love of music has been passed down.

Colin's family (l-r) Sister Quinn, Mom Vicki, Colin, and Dad Ian
Image courtesy of the Duncan family

Not only does Collin love Hatebreed, but he's also into music by Pantera, Slayer, and pretty much anything to get your adrenaline going. He's also made his own playlist compiled of mostly head banging music. As you'll see by the video, which has racked up over 72,000 views and a ton of retweets, his sister Quinn is not a fan.

Hatebreed hails from Connecticut, and is celebrating their 25th Anniversary all year long with a full U.S. tour including a stop here in Connecticut on April 20th at College Street Music Hall in New Haven.

No word if Colin will be attending the concert, but he could -- it's an all ages show.