Being a part of a radio station puts me in a unique position where I can bring awareness to certain things that are close to my heart.

Last week I was talking to my friend, Patti Barker Clarke Johnson, who works at the law office of Moots Pellegrini in New Milford, CT. She told me of a wonderful thing that they were doing for the holidays. Attorney Meghan Griffin and the other ladies in the office thought it would be great to collect gifts for women in the community who would not be receiving much this Christmas Day. They got a large basket and set it in the office and every day during the month of December, they placed a gift inside the basket.

Patti asked me if I knew anyone who didn't have much family who would be spending the holidays without many gifts to open, someone that would be made to feel special on this Christmas Day. In fact, I know two ladies. She asked me to send her their stories.

Today, she delivered this amazing basket pictured above to my home filled with gifts. I am so humbled and honored to deliver them this Christmas Day.

It's such a wonderful idea and it makes my heart smile to know that two amazing women who give so much of themselves will feel that there are truly people who care about them.

I wish you and your loved ones an amazing holiday. Merry Christmas and may the true spirit of the holiday season, no matter what religion, race or political denomination you are, fills your heart with love,  joy and peace.