Recently, we told you about the problems that cropped up over the Forth of July Holiday with over crowding at New Milford's Lynn Deming Park due to an invasion of non residents. Now Mayor Pete Bass has laid down the law with some strict guidelines.

The main problem the city officials are facing with the park is over crowding due to non-residents, who are avoiding entering through the main entrance and parking on adjacent side streets. They are also reportedly avoiding park checkpoints by sneaking into the park through wooded areas, and some residents are bringing in car loads of non-residents.

The issue was taken up with the New Milford Town Council and Mayor Pete Bass, and after a very problematic holiday, he took to Facebook and issued some new extensive rules and regulations:

As stated by the Mayor, by law, the Town of New Milford cannot ban non-residents from visiting the park, but they can be asked to pay a daily fee of $25 dollars to be permitted to enter. Since the new regulations went into effect, here's what Mayor Bass told

Since the implementation of the new procedures and the reinvigorated policing of some old ones, we have seen a tremendous improvement.

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