I don't remember when I stopped checking my kids while they slept, but I can tell you it was way after infancy. As a parent, there is nothing, nothing more important than your child. I often joke how if I were to comprise my Top 100 list of favorite artists, that Billy Joel would occupy spots 1-10. When I think of my boys, my list of what's important in life would be very long because Johnny and Greg take up the first 100 spots on that list, at the very least.

When I saw this story about Aubrey, a beautiful 4 year old girl who is as full of life as any typical child, my heart sank. Aubrey has been diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a brain tumor in the brain stem. Treatment options are extremely limited for DIPG. The tumor itself cannot be removed surgically, because the tumor cells are mixed with other normal cells in the brain stem, which are needed for such things as breathing. Right now, radiation can help shrink the tumor, but cannot eliminate it completely.

My boys were born healthy, and even though my younger son has autism, they both had wonderful, happy and healthy childhoods. No child should have to go through what Aubrey is going through. No parent should have to look at their child, and feel as though their lives may be cut short. I cannot even imagine what Aubrey's parents, family, and friends are going through.

There is no cure for DIPG. Radiation does add some time to a child's life, with the hopes that a new treatment comes along to eliminate these tumors completely.

As you can imagine, the emotional toll this disease takes is beyond hard enough. The money part, yeah, that's really hard too. Which is why 1st and 10 Sports Bar in New Milford is hosting a Pasta Night for Aubrey on Wednesday night, February 24, 2016 from 5:00 pm -10:00 pm. Adults are $15, and children only $5, and that gets you a Full Pasta Dinner. Bar bills will be billed separately.

100% of the proceeds will go to to the Roses For Aubrey fund to help with her medical expenses.

A night off from cooking, a night out, and a chance to help a little girl. We're all in this life together. This is a wonderful opportunity to help a family right here in our community.

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