Everyone loves a party. Well, everyone loves a good one. So, what do you need for a good party? You need fun people, great food, maybe some beer and wine and of course music! You definitely need great, upbeat, put you in the mood for a good time country music.

That's the part that we've got covered for you with our brand new show which debuts tomorrow night at 9:00 PM. It's KICKS Pack Saturday Night. What you'll hear is three hours of party music (country style) every week.

The KICKS Pack Saturday Night motto is "We ain't playin' nothin' slow!"

So, go ahead, order a bunch of wings, maybe a couple of pizzas, get some beer and tell your friends there's a party at your place on Saturday night. We've got your music covered, just turn it up! KICKS Pack Saturday Night debuts tomorrow night at 9:00 PM.

Got music ideas for our new show? Email your country party music suggestions to: kickspack@kicks1055.com

Listen online at kicks1055.com/listen-live/ or by downloading the radioPup app for your mobile device.