You thought your wallet felt lighter, but now, there's confirmation that it's the truth in Connecticut.

Are you like me? When the AC is cranking day in and day out - or the heat for that matter - I think, can I afford this? How high will the bill be?

Well, which is a financial website that covers all kinds of statistics around our country, just put out a scary report.

According to,  Connecticut's energy costs are the highest in the nation. WalletHub says that consumers in our state spend an average of $400 a month on energy. That is a total average of the electricity, gasoline, home heating oil and natural gas costs for you, me, and us.

The report shows the following numbers:

Average Monthly Energy Bill in our state is $404
3rd – Price of Electricity
11th – Price of Natural Gas
30th – Natural-Gas Consumption per Consumer
14th – Price of Motor Fuel
3rd – Price of Home Heating Oil
2nd – Home Heating-Oil Consumption per Consumer breaks it down state by state and it turns out that the rest of the top four states are also here in New England, with Massachusetts ranked second, followed by Rhode Island and Vermont. Certainly New England has many months of cold weather, and cold weather areas certainly occupy much of the top portion of the list. Add to that, things in general are very expensive around here. But considering the fact that New York state has the same weather as our area, and is for the most part, a pretty expensive state to live in, they rank #15 on the list.

#1 Connecticut, and not in a good way.