Safety is always a concern when moving to a new area or opening up a local shop. The Newtown Police Department understands that and plans on doing something about it.


In a press released, written by Captain Joe Rios, The Newtown Police Department announced that they will be working directly with local businesses to ensure their safety concerns.

The press release stated :

"The Newtown Police Department is committed to working with all businesses to improve relationships, detect and deter crime. In these very challenging times we have a wonderful opportunity to share valuable information on topics such as safety, security and other crime prevention measures."

In the future, local businesses should be hearing from Newtown PD to discuss their crime and security questions. Furthermore, the Newtown PD is planning on hosting community/police forums to discuss how the police department can work together with the community to safeguard their needs.

We're living in a strange world these days and hearing about crime on the news every other day. It's awesome to see the Newtown Police Department reaching out to the community members and hearing them out on what can be done to positively change the community.