In the face of all that has happened in the past week, the audacity of people never ceases to amaze me.

According to the the Newtown Police Department, an investigation has been launched looking into reports that someone, posing as a K-9 Officer, has been making phone calls requesting money for a K-9 Unit Fundraiser.

The Newtown PD has made it clear that that are not currently involved in any fundraisers.

Hopefully, the Police Department will catch whoever is involved in this scam. That said, I think all local communities should be aware of the potential scam rearing it's head. So Beware.

Newtown police posted this warning on their Facebook page just the other day, warning of a telephone scam soliciting money for their K-9 unit.

While  an investigation is underway to determine who's doing the soliciting, please get in touch with the department if you've received a call. Again, the contact person is Detective McAnaspie, and the number is 203-426-5841.