Newtown Middle School teacher, Jason M. Adams was arrested and charged with bringing a concealed weapon to school this past Wednesday.

According to the, Adams, who has a pistol permit was detained by Newtown police officers after school officials called the police saying that he was in possession of a concealed weapon. Adams was accused of possession of a weapon on school grounds and was immediately placed on leave while the incident is being investigated.

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Adams could not be reached for comment, so, as it stands now, why he brought the gun to school is not known. Following the December 2012 tragedy, Newtown officials made the decision to place armed police officers in every Newtown school. A retired Shelton police officer is the security officer at the Middle School, and was responsible for disarming Adams, and holding him in the school offices until Newtown police arrived.

Even though the Sandy Hook shootings took place over three years ago, Newtown police officers and school officials remain vigilant and on high alert, which is the reason Jason M. Adams was disarmed and detained as quickly as he was.

The group Sandy Hook Promise, comprised of several victim's parents of the Sandy Hook shootings commended the Newtown police and school officials for the thoughtful handling and arrest of Mr. Adams.

Adams had a permit for his firearm. Should he have been apprehended and arrested? What say you?