It's an Ice Cream world, and we are just living in it, which is actually a good thing. Last week we told you about the expansion of Rich Farm into Brookfield. Now another popular Ice Cream spot has been named one of the top places to visit in the entire country.

Located on Route 302 in Newtown, Ferris Acres has been a popular go to spot for some of the best ice cream around since 2003. Just like Rich Farm in Oxford, and now in Brookfield, people drive for miles to taste the creamy ice cream, made right on the premises.

On any given warm summer night people will be lined up to the parking area just waiting patiently to get a taste of one of Ferris Acres locally famous ice cream flavors.

Now they are being recognized by as one of the top ice cream spots in the entire country. So you could say we are in the presence of greatness, or at least some terrific ice cream, one of the top thirty one in the U.S.A.. So grab a few napkins, this might get a little messy.

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