We all remember some of the technology we saw when Marty McFly when into the future in the classic Back to the Future 2. We'll Nike has finally introduced self-lacing shoes.


We may not have flying cars, self drying jackets, or Hover Boards that don't have wheels, but Nike has now taken the sneaker game to the next level with a self-lacing sneaker, the HyperAdapt 1.0.

According to bleacherreport.com,they have taken Back to the Future technology and installed it in a running shoe. Now instead of hearing loop, over, pull the bunny ears, you'll hear everyone saying "power laces....Cool".


If this concept seems somewhat familiar, for the 30th Anniversary of the film, the company created Nike MAG shoes, the same that were featured in Back to the Future II.

Now, they've taken that technology and installed it into a running shoe literally changing the way we put on our shoes forever.

The future is now the present, but you will have to wait a little longer before you can say "Self-Lacing Sneakers". Nike plans to start selling their HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers during the 2016 Holiday Season.


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