Let me set the scene for you. I am sitting at my desk here at KICKS 105.5 getting ready for the day and Mr. Morning barges in (he's like that) and says, "Did you know that today is National Black Cat Day?"

I looked up from my research on the latest funny cat videos so I can write my weekly "Happy Feline Friday" blog in peace, and hissed at him. Then, I gather all of my feline poise, and as cool as a cat, I said to him, "Pardon me, Mr. Morning. In my world, every day is National Black Cat Day!"

If you are a crazy human person, you won't understand, but if you are a sane cat lady, like me, you know that you don't need a day set aside on the calendar to honor all things meow.

So, Happy All Cats Day -- EVERYDAY! =^..^=

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