Since I am an animal lover, I try to do what I can to help our voiceless creatures. Last year our Christmas cards were homemade with a note inside saying that the money we didn't spend on fancy, embossed cards was donated to a local cat sanctuary in New Milford, CT.

I also feel that I have a unique opportunity to reach out to you, our listeners, by brininging awareness to a place that helps animals. What better way to bring the spirit of the holiday season than to spotlight a beautiful organization that rescues horses that are abused, abandoned or at risk of slaughter?

Bella's Way Equine Rescue in North Salem, NY has not only been rescuing these majestic creatures but will also extend their rescue reach to provide the same sanctuary for dogs, cats and other small animals.

It is the goal of Bella's Way Equine Rescue to insure that every animal that is rescued... will never have to be rescued again.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and Bella's Way also has a benefit store where you can shop for your equine-loving loved ones this holiday season. Click here to enter the store Your purchase will help this wonderful place that makes sure that the animals within their care have not only a safe and warm place during the holidays, but every day.

I wish you and those close to your heart a wonderful and peaceful holiday season. Thank you for helping the people who help those who do not have a voice.