Has this election got you down? Can't take either of the candidates? Don't know what to do or which way to turn? Maybe it's time you did the Hillary Shimmy.

There's a new Dance Craze that is sweeping the country. So, when the bickering and name calling gets you crazy, or when it all hits home and the boss drives you nuts, when the kids push you to your limit, and you've had enough -- time to laugh it off and just shrug your shoulders and do the "Hillary Shimmy."

It's easy, anyone can learn it. If it works for Hiillary, it'll work for you. So when "The Donald" in your life has you at wit's end, just do what Hillary does. Watch:

Now, get busy. You've got some practicing to do. Once you get it down, you'll feel the stress just melt away. Remember when life serves up that curve ball, just do "The Hillary Shimmy".

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