Things you need to know on January 4.

Thanks to MetroNew Source for the following.

  • President Obama is working to tighten the nation's gun laws. The President is meeting today with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to finalize new executive actions.The White House says the President wants to expand background checks on buyers.


  • There's a new fare increase for commuters who ride Metro North's New Haven Line. A one-percent fare hike will help pay for the cost of putting new rail cars into service. The increase will affect ticket prices for travel between Connecticut and New York stations, as well as, between stations within Connecticut.


  • Powerball's 12th largest jackpot - 340- million dollars- went unclaimed over the weekend. That means Wednesday's pot will rise up to 400-million bucks, marking the largest jackpot since September of 2013.


  • They had me at mozzarella sticks! Starting today McDonald's is offering a new value menu.The "McPick 2" deal lets customers choose two of four items for two-dollars. The McChicken, McDouble, mozzarella sticks and small french fries are available on the menu.