An off-duty New York State Trooper went above and beyond his duties as he helped a 92-year-old man bury his dog after it was struck by a vehicle. 

On Oct. 4, Trooper Louis E. Godfroy IV was dispatched to assist a man whose dog was killed after being struck by a vehicle. Once the trooper arrived a the scene, he was met by a 92-year-old Austerlitz man.

The man's Golden Retriever had wandered away from its home and was struck by a vehicle. The Trooper help the owner by transporting the deceased retriever to the man's home, according to a press release.

The owner did not ask for any further assistance from troopers, but Godfroy realized that due to the man's age and limitations, he would not be able to properly bury his beloved dog.

Godfroy returned the next day--while off-duty--to the man's home and buried his dog for him.

"Our mission to serve the people of New York has remained constant from our inception," a press release by the New York State Police stated. "Trooper Godfroy helped a member of our community with compassion, courtesy and professionalism by taking the initiative to help the elderly couple with the loss of their family pet."

Kudos to you Trooper Louis E. Godfroy IV!