I guess the Yankees aren't doing well, are they? I don't need to turn on the news or look it up on the Internet, I have my husband who doesn't keep such matters to himself.

Actually, let me tell you a little about Rich. He doesn't keep too much to himself. Especially about his beloved Yankees. When they're not doing well, it's a bit strange to call them "beloved" because his words are anything but.

I like baseball, but I don't follow it like he does. In fact, I'm happy I don't follow it like him because I can actually enjoy it when I do watch a game. Even though there is a broadcasting position called "Color Commentary" for ball games, I can't really tell you what he says because the FCC, management and my upbringing all frown upon his exact words, as colorful as they are.

So, once again I make a plea to the New York Yankees, can ya please play like major leaguers? We still have a 22-year-old living at home that I would love to continue to raise as a gentleman. Unfortunately he's getting too much of a kick out of watching my husband watch a ballgame.

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