Still on the plane. I keep thinking of Dierks Bentley and how thoughtful he was to buy "drinks for everybody but the pilot," but my tray has a water bottle. I am sort of on vacation and I am sort of working and it is sort of way too early for drinks.

The in-flight movies are not really capturing my attention. That's when I started to think about how spoiled we have become.  I have three choices and I'm all "nah, what else you got?" Remember when we were lucky to have one choice and the screen was in the front of the plane? That pretty much seems barbaric now.

Wait, woah there's wifi? Hook me up! Well, I tried that and the spinning circle of death keeps going round and round. I guess I'll have to catch up on the latest cat videos when we land.

You would think that the two hours of sleep that I got last night and the anxiety to get here this morning would make me sleep. HAH! You should know me better than that! I might miss something!

I'm sure I'll have more, I don't do "bored" well at all.

Bonus Video:

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