Yeah, still on the plane. The flight to Antigua is almost 4 hours. We are 37,000 feet up in the air traveling at 517 miles per hour and I'm watching my husband watch one of the in-flight movies, "Star Trek" and I'm wondering when they're going to get this "beaming" thing done.

How wonderful would it be to stand on a platform, hear that cool Star Trek noise and magically turn into bluish purple lights and then instantaneously be at your destination? Yes, very cool! But, here's what keeps me up googling things at night: what happens if your molecules all get put together weird. Like in the movie "Ted" when they put his stuffing back in and he joked that they put it in wrong and he wasn't right. We might end up somewhere on a beach looking more like one of the beach boys than Dierks Bentley (see what I did there?)

So, I guess until they perfect that, I'll sit here and play my Kenny Chesney and Billy Joel videos. Oh! And the time I tricked Mr. Morning into giving me the controls to the mechanical bull:

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