Every summer, Bethel, CT holds Bethel SummerFest. A lot of people in the town look forward to this event, but it seems to be in jeopardy this year.

Bethel SummerFest is a fun event with a street fair, a splash area, life size games, a vendor and craft fair, games, and live music. According to the petition that has been created, a couple of businesses that are located in PT Barnum Square, are opposing the closure of the square for the Street Fair and MusicFest.

Due to the opposition, both of those features of SummerFest are in danger of not happening. The petition had 136 signatures, at the time of writing this, with 39 comments. Most of the comments talk about what a great event this is for the community.

One comment says,

This event is a great draw for town businesses and brings our community together. I hope we have the chance to celebrate together as it was set up

Another says,

These events give our town life and character.

Bethel SummerFest is set to happen on July 16, and July 17. If you would like to see the Street Fair and MusicFest happen, you can add your name to the petition.

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