No one should go cold in their own home. Ever. Operation Fuel helps in ensure that never happens.

I'm cold all the time. I turn up heaters at work. And don't even get me started about the disagreements at home as I crank up the thermostat more than it's set at. But at least I am able to do so without worry of not being able to pay my bill. That is not the case with so many people in Connecticut. Thankfully there are amazing programs out there to lend a hand.

Operation Fuel is underway. The organization is accepting applications for home heating assistance this winter season. Families and individuals in need can apply for emergency assistance to help them keep their homes warm this winter. To find out more go to

To get from Operation Fuel’s statewide winter energy assistance program you do need to put in an application through one of the 107 nonprofit fuel banks. If you are struggling financially and need energy assistance you should call 211 to find the closest fuel bank.