Check out what some of your favorite actors were doing long before they were nominated for Oscars

You have to get your start somewhere, and some of this year's Oscar nominated actors and supporting actors appeared in some interesting shows and movies early in their careers.

Leonardo Dicaprio nominated this year for Best Actor in The Revenant

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But, do you remember him at age 16 appearing in the TV sitcom, Growing Pains?


Bryan Cranston nominated for best actor for his role in Trumbo.

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But, did you know he was dentist, Tim Whatley, in the hit series, Seinfeld?


Matt Damon up for best actor in the film The Martian.

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He got his start, bare-butt and all, in the 1992 movie, School Ties.


Sylvester Stallone, who's nominated for best supporting actor in the movie, Creed.

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Do you remember him from his pre-Rocky role in the 1974 movie, The Lords of Flatbush?


Michael Fasbender, who's nominated for best actor in Steve Jobs.

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He made his acting debut in the acclaimed 2001 HBO series, Band of Brothers

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Christian Bale, who's up for Best Supporting Actor in The Big Short,

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Got his start in the movie Empire of the Sun in 1987.


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