It's Oscar madness in Danbury on Sunday February 18th at the Palace Theater as they roll out the red carpet and feature all the short films nominated at this year's Academy Awards.

The Academy Award nominated short films are often the movies that are seen the least, and they're usually not shown in most theaters. That's why this is a great opportunity to catch all the films that are nominated this year at one place and for one day only.

The short films marathon starts at 1 pm on Sunday February 18th with the world of animated films. Then, at 3 pm, things kick up a notch with live action shorts, and at 6 pm, the marathon wraps up with documentary films.

Since the Academy Awards don't go down until a week later on Sunday night February 24th, you can be the only person in your Oscar Pool who's got the inside scoop on all the short film categories.

Most of the films being show are anywhere between seven minutes and thirty minutes long. Tickets are just $15 for each category showing, and you can get tickets now at, or you can just call the Palace Danbury box office at 203-794-9944.

Here's a few trailers from some of the short films nominated that you'll see during the marathon: