If you have been to downtown Bethel lately, you may have noticed some sculptures by the Municipal Center and the town library. They are part of the Bethel Outdoor Public Sculpture Exhibit.

My family and I took a walk around downtown Bethel this weekend and it was fun seeing all these very nice sculptures. We also found out there are miniature versions in the library. The miniature versions have the artists name on them and are located on the first floor.

We loved looking at the different sculptures. My daughter really like the purple sculpture and my favorite was the one by the library that has, I think, glass in the middle of the sculpture. It’s pretty cool. Another fun one is the circus tent one placed, appropriately, by the P.T. Barnum statue.

Photo Credit: Liz Kaye
Photo Credit: Liz Kaye

Downtown Bethel has sidewalks all around, so it’s a nice area to take a stroll. With all the local businesses there this adds to the fun scene. Just please remember not to touch or climb on the sculptures.

There are 11 artists participating in the Bethel Outdoor Public Sculpture Exhibit:

  • David Boyajian, Artist and Curator
  • Murray Bodin
  • Jim Felice
  • Richard Pitts
  • A. D’Allessandro
  • Glenn Zweygardt
  • David Gerlach
  • Steven Brooks
  • John Ferguson
  • Sarah Bader and Matt Rink, New Antiquity

Have you seen the sculptures in Bethel?

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