According to the NewsTimes, some people in New Fairfield have put together a petition that calls for a vote of no confidence in district Superintendent, Alicia Roy.

The claim has been made that many serious issues have arisen during the time that Roy has held her position. The petition states that the students have been underperforming and the teachers are unhappy. It even accused the district of bringing a Special Ed. Administrator on board that is said to have a sketchy background.

Aside from the academics, the people who would like to see no more of Alicia Roy have highlighted that the Superintendent may be responsible for some financial burdens put on the small town. Namely, the recent that has the district under scrutiny for allegedly failing to protect an 11-year-old student from harassment.

New Fairfield's Consolidated School - Credit Google Instant Street View

The NewsTimes says that the petition was created by a New Fairfield resident who has four children enrolled in the town's public school system.

While researching material for this blog, I talked with a friend of the family who attended K through 12 in New Fairfield, and had some special education needs at New Fairfield High School. She's currently 26, and a Licensed Practical Nurse in Connecticut. I asked her what she thought of the New Fairfield school system. Her answer to me was, "New Fairfield had no business graduating me!"

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