Watch out Brewster, identity thieves are trying to access your home telephone and email service account information.

According to an article in the Southeast-Brewster Patch, intelligent scammers are exploiting call forwarding features on phones and accessing email accounts to disguise their thefts. It's not clear how these wily identity thieves are accessing these accounts. According to the Sheriff's office it could be computer hacking through mail theft.

Once these swindlers get the info they need, they use mobile telephone applications to put the phone in call forwarding mode, diverting calls to their phones instead. Once their mission is complete, these pilferers assume the target's identity and change usernames and passwords. They begin the process by asking for replacement credit cards. When the card issuer calls back, that call goes directly to the identity thieve's phone who now has all the information they need to secure the card.

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In this particular instance, replacement credit cards were used by the crooks to purchase merchandise in Brooklyn and Manhattan. If you think you've been scammed by these dastardly individuals, call the Sheriff's office directly at 845-225-4300. I also recommend purchasing identity theft protection through Geico.