It’s time for another Pie Face Friday, and since it’s also the weekend before Valentines Day, today's game will be filled with love, and of course, chocolate.

We've done it all so far -- used whipped cream, guacamole, even cash, while trying to bring you the human drama and ultimate suspense of Pie Face Friday.

This week, we kick it up a notch with our Pie Face Friday Valentine's Day Edition. Now we could have put roses on the Pie Face hand, but thorns hurt, so we went with the next best thing -- chocolate. More specifically, chocolate pudding.

What woman doesn't have a love for chocolate anytime? But on Valentine's Day, it's a must-have. Plus, chocolate pudding is so much more, well let's just say, messy.

Going into this week's Pie Face Friday Challenge, here's how we stand record wise:

  • Mr. Morning- 3 Wins- 1 Loss
  • Suzy- 1 Win- 3 Losses

So let the fun begin cause with Pie Face you never know what's going to happen. The suspense is terrific.

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