It's time again for another Pie Face Friday. Last week, Suzy took the loss, and this week, she is seeking revenge and a Pie Face Win.

The object of the game is (obviously) not to get pie faced, because if you do, you’ll not only get a face full of whipped cream, but you’ll have to do a pie-faced loser punishment.

Last week, Suzy lost and had to say "I'm a Pie Face Loser" once an hour during our Morning Show. This time, pie-faced the loser will have to pay the winner a compliment live on the air every day next week. Our loser's punishment is a positive daily affirmation to the winner.

So, are you ready to see who’s getting pie-faced this week? Just watch the video and see who’s going to win, and who’s got to be embarrassed live on the radio:

In case you missed our first Pie Faced Challenge, you can catch it here:

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