With the holidays upon us, you are undoubtedly going to have a family and friends gathering that will include dessert. Brownies and ice cream are great any time, but the holidays are where pie takes over and is the center of the dessert menu. According to spoonuniversity.com, here are the top five pies to serve at your holiday gathering:

5. Oreo Pie. Mixing maybe the best cookie with cream cheese frosting, what could better

4. Berry Pie. Bring the spring and summer back with a mix of your own blend of berries in a pie shell and create your own masterpiece.

3. Pumpkin Pie. The King of all Pie. That is all.

2. Peach Pie. A little sweetness to end your holiday dinner.

1. Apple Pie. USA! USA! USA!

Now that is their list, here is the only list that matters -- mine!

  • 5

    Apple Pie

    Just the standard in American pies.

    Credit: Steve Frost
  • 4

    Banana Cream Pie

    Sweet and tart combo that relaxes and wakes up your palate.

    Credit: Don Gehring
  • 3

    Boston Cream Pie

    Exactly like a doughnut only bigger, but somehow better.

    Credit; Don Gehring
  • 2

    Pudding Cake

    OK, not exactly a pie, but a staple at our dessert table. A mix of graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding, and cream cheese/cool whip frosting is delicious. It's always the first dessert to be finished.

    Credit: lbarn
  • 1

    Pumpkin Pie

    You might be as basic as your wife/girlfriend, but there is nothing better than Pumpkin Pie this time of year.  Long Live The King!

    Credit: Eric Hood