Yesterday, there was a triple shooting in a very quiet neighborhood in Bethel. We still don't know what the reason was for the shooting, but we now know the names of the people involved.

The Bethel Patch reports that police released the names Charles Cristofalo (76), Ann Cristofalo (68), and Thai Pham (56) as the three people involved. The person who was pronounced dead at the scene was Charles Cristofala. Ann and Thai were both taken to the hospital for their injuries.

According to The Patch, the search warrant was sealed by a Judge, and no further information will be able to be released until 14 days after the search has finished.

Things around town seemed pretty normal today. We were out and about running errands, and it was definitely busy around town. No news vans or helicopters though, and I'm very much okay with that.

Thank you, again, to the Bethel police department for keeping the neighborhood safe and for reassuring us that we are safe.

Thoughts and prayers are with the family members and friends of those involved.

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