What kind of selfish moron do you have to be to steal from a church? How low do you have to stoop to steal from a church around Christmas time? Even worse -- who steals items from a church, around Christmas time, that are meant to go to underprivileged children?

According to Patch.com, that is just what happened. Authorities say some thief or thieves took 36 wrapped Christmas trees, toys, diapers, and clothes all meant to go to families in need from the First Congregational Church on DeForest Street in Watertown.

I hope they find out who did this, and I hope they prosecute them to the furthest extent of the law. There are WAY more families in need than most people realize in our local areas.

Those families are often embarrassed to ask for help, but when they do, it would be nice to help them. Given the charitable spirit of most decent people, it is often possible to get these people the help they need. Then, someone comes along and steals these items. It's sickening. These criminals should not only be locked up, but they should be forced to watch the movie Gigli starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez over and over again. What a piece of crap that was. So bad, that 13 years later, I still reference its badness.