Many of New Milford's residents came out this past Thursday to hear about a plan to build a power plant at the old Century Brass site.

According to an article in the NewsTimes, after lying dormant for 30 years, the site where the Century Brass mill still stands is being considered for a natural gas power plant. Potentially, Dallas-based Panda Power Funds would buy the site and construct a 550 mega-watt plant that would be powered by natural gas. New Milford mayor, David Grombach told the NewsTimes,

This is probably the biggest thing to come to New Milford since Kimberly-Clarke.

The story says that some residents were open minded about the proposal, because it would create between 300 to 500 new jobs during the construction phrase. So, then why are some New Milford residents questioning the building of a natural gas power plant?

Many residents have raised concerns about how the plant would affect the town's air quality and economy.  Other residents weighed in with concerns on how a plant of this magnitude would affect their property values. The plant, according to company officials would not go online until 2021.

Oregon's Natural Gas Plant Getty Images