Scary stuff comes home to Connecticut. This Zika Virus is serious for sure, and its possible affects stateside recently became crystal clear to me. 

I know certain stories we read or hear about can seem blown out of proportion. Or they can seem to be happening worlds away.

I can tell you, first hand, that the threat of the Zika Virus is very real, and recently hit home with friends of mine. They got married this March, and their honeymoon was planned for Jamaica. They also hope to have a family one day soon. They were told NOT to travel to Jamaica, or any spot that was under threat of the Zika Virus for fear of affecting a future pregnancy. They heeded that warning and honeymooned instead in the U.S. Serious indeed.

This virus is very real. In a story from the, a pregnant Connecticut woman is testing positive for the Zika virus. The state Department of Public Health says the woman was traveling in Central America when she developed symptoms. Reportedly we have three cases of the virus in Connecticut, but she is the first pregnant woman.

Hopefully, all will go well for her throughout her pregnancy. If you are unaware, Zika is transmitted by mosquitoes, and is very dangerous to the babies of pregnant women, causing severe birth defects and miscarriages.