From a gorgeous wedding in Danbury, CT to the stage of the Democratic National Convention, life has got to be over the moon sweet for this amazing fashion designer.

Two weeks ago, the 2008 season winner of Project Runway, Christian Siriano, married his partner Brad Walsh at their home in Danbury. One would say that was the icing on the wedding cake of a life that has seen much success since his win on the show.

I'd have to imagine that the thrill of dressing First Lady, Michelle Obama, is pretty high on the list of WOW life moments for any fashion designer.

As reports, that moment of wow hit the stage of the Democratic National Convention last night. The fantastic dress that Michelle Obama wore was created by Christian Siriano. Yes, when the FLOTUS wears your vision, I have to think it's life altering.

It is not the first time Siriano has dressed Mrs.Obama, but last night's event has got to be a major highlight for him. Sadly, the first time she wore one of his designs, the event was a somber one. It was a black dress for the July 12 memorial service for the five police officers killed by a sniper in Dallas.

Here's to more happy than sad moments in the arena of designs for Christian Siriano.