We could be seeing--or should I say tasting--fall a lot sooner than you think.

With the heat and humidity we've been dealing with, it's no surprise that people are totally over summer. I can't tell you how many social media posts I've seen begging for fall and winter. While I don't condone wishing for snow, asking for fall to get here a little sooner? I can get behind that.

For all you fall lovers and pumpkin spice chasers, get ready. According to a Dunkin Donuts press release that was sent out Thursday from Dunkin headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts, the full pumpkin menu will be available nation wide starting Aug. 29.

However, Dunking Donuts costumers in the New York Metro area (That's us!) will be able to enjoy pumpkin coffees, lattes and macchiatos at participating Dunkin locations starting TODAY.

Are you ready for pumpkin season?! I sure am and I know what I'm doing after work today.