The whole country is debating on whether or not to ban e-cigarettes where traditional smokes are already banned. Well, Putnam County in NY has made their decision already.  Wherever cigarettes are not supposed to be, the same applies to vaping devices.

According to Southeast-Brewster Patch, County Executive Mary Ellen O'Dell and the health department have been making sure "No smoking No vaping" signs are being passed around for display.

Well, I am a smoker, and the fact is, I don't care. We are better off for it. Years ago, when they banned smoking in bars, I really thought smokers would go nuts and revolt. They did not. We all would have been too winded to fight the good fight. It's better this way. At least the bar thing. Do you remember the hangovers from not only alcohol, but the all night smoke in the bars? 'Cause I do. Those hangovers would put a steer down.

The vaping to me is bizarre looking. You look like a nipple head. You look like you're smoking a bong. Not at all conspicuous. I hide now when I smoke in public. I hide in alley ways, under bridges, behind cars. It's shame smoking. What a loser. Back in the day, when I thought I looked cool, I would do smoke tricks and proudly display it. Fact is though, it's a disgusting habit that I should hide or quit.

So there you go. Don't light up in public or you will pay. Listen to what I say.