Vandalism in any form is unacceptable. To me, at a church or cemetery, it's unconscionable.  

There is just no way for me to wrap my head around this. To me, love, in any form, is simply love. To find churches and congregations that open their arms to a community is a blessing. So, not only does this story make me sad, it also has an undercurrent of scariness.

In a report from, yet another rainbow flag has been stolen from outside the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury. Last year, the flag was burned, replaced, and then burned again all within a month's time. In my mind, that certainly smacks of something deep and hateful.

Walt Sizemore, president of the churches board of trustees had this to say in the Danbury News Times:

The Danbury Police continue to treat this a minor issue, while the church see’s it as something much more serious. In the past, our flags have been torn apart, burned and now stolen. We will encourage the police to list this as a crime of hate, the obvious reason that this continues. The Congregation in Danbury will raise a fourth flag in the very near future, again to support the inclusion of all people.

Personally, I fear for what could be the outcome. We've seen too many times, in the course of our country's history, that intolerance breeds fear and destruction. I'm truly hoping this doesn't escalate.