Decriminalization appears to be the word of the week in Connecticut. First pot, now prostitution.

Just the other day I wrote a blog about Connecticut lawmakers looking to present a legalize pot bill. The two lawmakers are from New Haven, and now New Haven makes the news once again.

The New Haven Register is reporting that a rally is scheduled for 11 a.m. Friday Nov.18 at New Haven City Hall, 165 Church Street, where people who work in the sex trade will call for the decriminalization of prostitution.

Turns out a group called Community in Support of Sex Workers and Decriminalization, was formed after an incident in New Haven back in October. According to, 14 women were arrested on prostitution charges in a sting operation.

In the Oct. 26 story from the New Haven Register, Detective Lt. Herbert Johnson had this to say:

We are hopeful that those arrested will avail themselves of social services available through the courts. We don’t want to keep arresting the same people

In the most recent account in the New Haven RegisterBeatrice Codianni, a leader of the group supporting the sex workers said:

You can’t arrest away sex work, just as you can’t arrest away drug addiction

The group, Community in Support of Sex Workers and Decriminalization, is calling for people arrested for prostitution to be given a ticket, similar to a traffic infraction.

Considering Rudyard Kipling wrote a story in 1888 about prostitution calling it “the world's oldest profession.” I think the debate over decriminalizing will rage on.